Resumé AS – a discreet, focused and effective recruitment agency

Discreet, focused and effective

Resumé assist Norwegian and international organizations in the search for top level executives, managers and specialists.


We target the best candidate through discreet searches in target networks and organizations.


We carefully consider candidates through structured processes, tests and personal evaluations.


We will only accept a case that we are certain will lead to an outstanding result as we also guarantee 100 percent satisfaction, for both client and executive candidate

Because you want results

Active search

Every search assignment conducted by Resumé begins from scratch. This is because markets, needs and people are continuously changing. We view every assignment with fresh eyes and critical minds.

Broaden your horizon

Resumé would like to challenge you to think anew. We offer honest advice. Indeed, an important part of our role is to sometimes challenge your very idea of “ the ideal candidate”. We strive to gain deep insight into your organization and culture in order to help you find the perfect match.

Today and tomorrow

Resumé are your most trusted advisors, before and after the successful hiring. This is because we value long term cooperation. Every assignment is always executed with a long term perspective.

Meet us

Integrity and discretion are our most important values.

Our goal is to be our clients most trusted advisors and ambassadors.

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Knut has extensive background from IT, telecom and media industry. His executive experience stems from national to global management teams and has been rewarded “Best Performing Manager Global”. Knut is passionate about his trade which is finding the right people, to the right time, place and task. Knut is a graduate from BI Norwegian Business School.